From the recording I Don't Know (song clip)


My place is a mess
so you can't love me.
You say I make too much noise,
that I've become disgusting to you.
I can't live up to what you want me to be.
'Cause I like thriftstore polyester
and sex with screaming
And I love not to care
what the rest of the room is thinking.
And you don't mind
if I have ideas
as long as I follow yours always, completely.
I don't know
who you thought I was.
I don't know
how we came undone.
I don't know
who you wanted me to be.
And I no longer care
'cause I'm just me
I'm tired of living up
to your arbitrary standards.
And I'm tired of leaving my heart stranded
waiting for you
to love me completely
like it used to seem.
are broken
are tired
And I,
I still love you.
But you are fired.